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Home birth in Duluth and surrounding areas
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Bringing a child into the world is undoubtedly one of life's most amazing and most challenging experiences. It can change our bodies, our minds, our relationships, our families and our priorities. Advent Midwifery offers comprehensive home birth services based on the belief that childbirth is an incredibly personal life event that deserves both competent and compassionate care. Through evidence-based practices and the acknowledgement of each family's unique needs and desires, home birth midwifery care supports each woman to confidently discover her own way to give birth, at home.

Competent & Compassionate Care

Comprehensive home birth services with Advent Midwifery include all prenatal care and testing, care during labor and delivery and postpartum care for both mom and baby provided by Licensed Midwives for clients in Duluth, Minnesota and the surrounding area. 

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Tavniah Betts, CPM, LM is a Minnesota and Wisconsin Licensed Midwife. She has been a Certified Professional Midwife and licensed to practice since 2010 and has attended births in homes, birth centers and health clinics in the United States, Europe and Mexico.

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